San Diego Air Duct Cleaning

At San Diego Air Duct Cleaning Services, our certified procedures follow the strict guidelines set forth by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) and QUADCA (Quality Air Duct Cleaners Affiliation).
We have earned the distinction of being San Diego best air duct cleaning services 2 years in a row.

One of the most important reasons to have your home air ducts cleaned in San Diego is to improve the quality of your indoor air.
According to NADCA, the average home creates approximately 40 pounds of dust which circulates through your home every year. According to independent studies, about half of that 40 pound is comprised solely of dead skin molecules. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean you not breathing it.
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breathing clean

Because of the way modern indoor air conditioning systems are designed, every piece of dead skin, pollen, and allergens circulating through your San Diego home can end up in your lungs eventually.

You can also expect to find pet dander, construction dust, and sometimes toxic chemicals being circulated throughout your house every time your air conditioner runs.

In fact, when impurities make their way into your AC unit, they re-circulate anywhere from five to seven times a day.

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San Diego Air Duct Cleaning Technicians

San Diego Air Duct Cleaning is the only company to hold both certifications from NADCA QUADCA  in the state of Nevada. We employ the finest, professional and honest air duct cleaners in the industry. Our experts are fully trained in the latest techniques, and using our methodical, systematic approach, they perform a deep cleaning on every single duct inside your home. We address and inspect all parts of the system on every single job. Our technicians are trained to look for any potential issues and address them on-site immediately with our clients, all for a very competitive price without compromising quality. No matter the size of the project, we deliver in a timely manner while offering transparent billing procedures.

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San Diego Air Duct Cleaning 10 Step Process

  1. Our friendly & knowledgeable technician will call 30 min prior to arrival and will arrive on time.
  2. Once on site we will conduct a visual pre-inspection of the job site and the ducts conditions along with offering a Free inspection of the furnace and coil.
  3. Our technician will unload all necessary equipment and carefully prepare the area to work.
  4. We will set-up a high-volume industrial HEPA-filtered negative pressure machine.
  5. Cover all but a few vents and create an intense suction to prevent loosened particulates from spreading.
  6. Enter the ducts with a specialized brush & Whips on a long spinning flexible cable.
  7. We do a post inspection of the work area and ducts then proceed by loading the equipment into our vehicle.
  8. PROMISE to clean any mess left behind as a result of our work done.
  9. We will go over the findings and also details of the project rendered and present invoice.
  10. Submit Before and After picture of the work performed.

In conclusion, our 10 step process ensures all work will be done to the best industry standards.
The same cutting-edge technologies and work standards are also applied to all our other services.

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