Why Should you use our Santee Coil Cleaning Services ?

Right above your air handler and located at the source of your entire duct system are your coils . Dirty evaporator coils can be the source of allergy issues, bad odors, and many other Santee indoor air quality problems. In addition, dirty coils can cause up to a 30% increase on your Santee energy bill every single month. Although not required, it is highly recommended to use our Santee coil cleaning service to clean your coils at the same time we perform our Santee duct cleaning service or our yearly Santee furnace cleaning service. Cleaning your air ducts without cleaning your coils will cause all the dead skin, dirt, dust, and debris from your air handler to blow right back into the newly cleaned ducts.

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Our Santee Coil Cleaning Standard

Our Certified Santee Coil cleaning technicians use a 3 step process to ensure the coil in your Santee home is properly cleaned. First, we use specialized hand tools to carefully brush out any large chunks of contamination.
We then apply an acidic cleaner to work all the way through both sides of the coil and remove any deep-rooted indoor air pollution.

Lastly, we wash our solution off with a combination of non-toxic, EPA registered disinfectant and warm water.

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Common symptoms of a dirty/contaminated Coils

  • Reduced air flow

  • Excessive dust throughout your Santee home

  • Decrease in unit performance

  • Bad Odors / Nicotine odors

  • Hvac unit freeze up

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