San Diego Schools Air Solutions!

In today’s landscape, air quality is top of mind for any parent sending their child to school. Every school should have a facility air quality and maintenance plan in place to ensure the students, faculty, and staff are learning and working in a clean, safe, environment. A dirty or contaminated HVAC system is a huge liability to the thousands of children and dedicated professionals who spend dozens of hours every week inside these buildings.
Air ducts and HVAC systems in schools are statistically more likely to be filled with plant spores, dust mites, and bacteria from dead skin cells. The complex design of these large air systems causes a high volume of contaminant buildup inside the ductwork. Logically, the more contaminants there are trapped inside the ductwork, the higher the risk to the children and staff who occupy the building every day.

San diego school & universities duct cleaning

Our certified San Diego duct cleaning technicians use an array of cleaning, disinfecting, and dust extraction tools to ensure your system is clean from top to bottom. We use a combination of high powered air jet tools along with HEPA filtered, industrial grade vacuums to sweep every single inch of your ductwork. In addition to cleaning the ducts, we perform a full cleaning and disinfection service on the central HVAC unit. Using the proper tools and meticulous techniques, our team of qualified technicians clean and sanitize every component of the entire air system.

San diego school & universities duct cleaning

San Diego Universities Air Solutions!

Colleges and universities have even more potential indoor air quality issues than an elementary or secondary school. Not only do your students go to class in school buildings, they live there as well. The air inside the average college dormitory is 3-10x more polluted than outdoor air. In a modern world where sanitation and cleanliness is top of mind, a professional air duct cleaning is perhaps the most integral step to keeping your facility as hygienic as possible.

Dormitory Dryer Vents

Communal laundry rooms are among of the biggest fire hazards inside any building. The lint buildup from hundreds of loads of laundry every month causes the dryer ducts to get blocked. This creates a ticking time bomb; a situation where any load of laundry can immediately cause a fire. Our team of professionals has years of dryer vent cleaning experience in Nevada’s largest universities ensuring their students were living and working in a safe environment.


Having a certified professional clean your ducts and disinfect your air system has countless benefits:

  • Improved air quality for students, staff, faculty, and visitors
  • Cleanliness in high traffic areas – cafeterias, gymnasiums, locker rooms, etc.
  • Reduced risk of mold and mildew within ducts and utility space
  • Significantly reduced allergy problems
  • Increased HVAC efficiency. This results in lower energy costs and utility costs across the board

Services we offer:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Duct Repair & Replacement
  • Quarterly Filter Replacement

In addition, we offer yearly service packages which includes all of the required basic maintenance: filter replacement, coil cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning. Call us today for more information.


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